We work using retainers, typically for at least six months. That’s enough time to do some proper work. But we aim to give confidence and capability to fly on your own — we don’t create dependency.

1. Preparation

We give you a set of tools, frameworks, and diagnostics to help you reflect on what’s working, and what’s not. Then you can begin to imagine what you want to become.

You share what’s important to you and where you’d like to focus.

2. Catalyst sessions

You share your progress, state of mind, problems. We focus attention on what matters, and what we can unlock. We bring questions, ideas, frameworks, experiences, and energy.

The first catalyst session will spark your imagination about what you want to become and reveal what you need to change.

The other sessions typically involve: role plays (for example, a meeting with your chairperson or a key investor to enhance your confidence and agility), exploration of new opportunities, investigations to drill down into the assumptions, beliefs, and frustrations that hold you back, and decision-making.

You leave the session with new-found clarity, confidence, capability, and momentum.

These sessions are intense and relaxed, thoughtful and action-orientated, fun and uncomfortable, analytical and creative — dependent upon the issue at hand and your context.

3. Exercises

In between, you (and your team) work on exercises to help you practise something new, such as strategic thinking, handling conflict or making hard decisions. We give you frameworks, scripts, and tips.

They’re real, incorporating your business and your life, but bite-sized. No long-winded, fanciful, or theoretical work here.

4. Blueprints

We work together to develop one or all the elements of a strategy shift. A new ambition, focus, proposition, capability, and/or way to work for you, your team and/or your organisation.

The blueprints are the design, the journey, and important actions for you (and your team) to take.

5. Nudges

We stimulate your senses and thinking with inspiration, reminders, and actions when the mood takes. And when we think it helps you the most.

6. Invitations

A selection of our C-suite clients