Strategic Leader

If you’re looking to take on more leadership responsibility and improve your impact as a leader you’ve come to the right place. We refer to a strategic leader because leadership should be about:

  • Inspiring people with a clear, compelling ambition
  • Making choices on where to focus and how to stand out
  • Building an organisation that is capable, inclusive, and empowering

Strategic leaders embed a strategic mindset and practice in everything they do, cutting through the complexity of their organisation and uncertainty they face to create value. They’re distinct from executives who call themselves leaders but only focus on being busy, creating lots of work, and making incremental changes. Or, even worse, they spend their time dealing with crises due to poor decision-making.

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Leading High-Stakes Meetings

Leading High-Stakes Meetings

Imagine an important meeting at work: a board, C-suite, executive committee or leadership team meeting, a pitch to investors or clients, a tricky negotiation with a customer, or a steering group meeting for a major programme. What does it take to be at your best? Our brand-new, signature group coaching masterclass will help you answer this question.
Strategic Leader

Strategic Leader

In this course, you’ll learn about the most important shifts in your mindsets and practice to become a strategic leader, and by the end, you’ll feel more confident and capable, ready to take on your next leadership challenge.

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